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"No one can satisfied by visiting khaptad once"

Khaptad is a beautiful trekking and research place for the humankind. The Natural Beauty of this region and tranquility gives us profound way of thinking of innovation ideas.If you are really bored from mundane life and want to live new world. then this can be your destination. Enjoy

Khaptad is the one of the best destination in Nepal Tourism Year 2011

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Few Information about Khaptad Trekking

Khaptad is the beauty of Nepal. Even though this is a national park but it is more than that. it is a one of the pacified place, situated at the farwestern region of Nepal and 446 Km air distance from the Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal) and more near from Nainital India(around 150 Km air distance). The main area of khaptad is situated at the corona of four district(Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Accham). However anyone can visit this place by chartering private helicopters or by trekking. For wonderful snaps trekking is the best. To reach khaptad locus traverls have to walk around 50 Km. From the Southen side(Silgadi, headquarter of Farwestern Region) or to walk around 32 Km from Western side(Chainpur, headquarter of Bajhang District). Khaptads elivation is around 2960 m to 3200 m

We Hope from traverls they will help us to keep Khaptad clean and pious, by managing their wastages materials.

A Quick Glance

  • Elevation: 2960m to 3200 m
  • Distance: 446Km from Kathmandu
  • Trekking Distance: Around 120 Km for both upside and downside
  • Nearest Airport:
    • Chainpur: Weekly Flight
    • Doti: Currently Unaviable
    • Achcham: Currently Unaviable
    • Dhangadhi: Daily 2 Flight
  • Road Access:
    • From Kathmandu To Silgadhi : Daily 1 Bus, Time 11 AM from Gangabu Bus Park( Duration 24 hours bus traver) around 900 Km
    • or Kathmandu To Dhangadhi: Daily 3 Buses, Time 1PM, 3PM, 4PM From Gangabu Bus Park(Duration 18 Hours), around 650 Km
      • Dhangadhi To Silgadhi: Any Time 250Km(duration 6 hours)
  • Trekking : From Silgadhi to Khaptad around 50 Km. (duration 12 to 16 hours) Recommended
  • Trekking : From Chainpur to Khaptad around 32km. (duration 8 to 12 hours)

Posted on April 08, 2011 by Admin

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